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Humans are gifted with an extensive array of emotions and facial expressions. When you experience joy, sadness, anger, or frustration your face silently and effectively conveys your feelings. This is a very natural occurrence and a wonderful part of what make us who we are. Nevertheless, even smiling and laughing can contribute to unwanted signs of aging.

As you smile, frown, laugh, or furrow your eyebrows, the muscles in your face contract. These repetitive contractions can produce visible lines and wrinkles in the skin, making you look less than your best. Fortunately, nowadays, it is both simple and affordable to reduce or even eliminate these lines and wrinkles safely and effectively with BOTOX® injections.

Botox injections are minimally invasive and have become the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure to reduce and eliminate facial wrinkles in the United States. These injections are made from the FDA approved therapeutic muscle relaxing agent, Botulinum toxin A.

How Botox Works

When the nerve sends a signal to the muscle to contract, it passes through the neuromuscular junction (where nerve and muscle meet). At this point, the chemical acetylcholine is released from the nerve side, binding to receptors on the muscle side. When injected under the skin, Botox binds to these receptors, blocking the acetylcholine and thereby preventing the muscle from contracting. Neither the muscle nor the nerve is damaged during the procedure.

Some facial muscles cause wrinkles in the overlying skin when they contract. When Botox is injected into one of these muscles, the selective muscle paralysis prevents the wrinkle from forming. The effects of Botox injection are most noticeable on dynamic wrinkles—those that are only visible when the muscle contracts. As we age, and our skin becomes less elastic; a crease may form that leaves a visible wrinkle even when the muscle is not contracting. Botox will not eliminate these wrinkles, but may soften them.

Results After Botox Injections

After treatment, you will begin to see improvement within 24 hours and full results within 5-10 days. Most clients need only one injection to achieve their goal, although additional sessions may be required in the future. Injection results typically last for about four months; however some patients report results lasting as long as a full year.

Chicagoland Aesthetics For Botox Injection

It goes without saying that any cosmetic procedure is only as good as the provider performing it. When you select the highly-skilled experts at Chicagoland Aesthetics for Botox injection, or any other procedure, you can rest assured we have the knowledge and experience necessary to exceed your expectations. Call and book a consultation at one of our three convenient Chicagoland locations and see how beautiful can be!

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