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Breast Enhancement Revisions

Getting breast implants can be an emotional process, even when it goes well. You’re changing part of who you are. So, it’s scary to think that something could go wrong with a breast enhancement surgery. But sometimes it does. With breast reduction and enhancement surgery, there can be lesser complications such as:

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Hematoma—occurs when blood collects in the surgery wound
  • Seroma—this is when fluid collects and causes pain or swelling
  • Mondor’s Disease—a rare inflammation of blood vessels which will go away on its own

According to the University of Michigan Medicine website, the complications above usually occur early in the recovery process. These complications can all be treated without surgery, depending on how severe they are. More serious complications occur later and generally require another trip to surgery to be fixed.

  • Capsular contracture, caused by thickening scar tissue which puts pressure on the implant
  • Changes in nipple sensation
  • Breakage or leaking from the implant
  • Asymmetry
  • Contour Problems

There’s also the risk that you won’t be satisfied with your breast enhancement surgery. These are usually issues with asymmetry or contour problems. For example, a poorly placed implant which causes asymmetry may need to be surgically adjusted. The same goes for contour problems.

Per the University of Michigan, the overall risk of complications from saline breast implant surgery is 27.6%. While this statistic might sound scary, it’s important to note that the number is for all complications.

Something as minor as scarring, which could be treated effectively with anti-scarring creams is included in this statistic.

But there are surgeons who use outdated procedures or tools for your breast enhancement surgery. Fortunately, there are also surgeons who can fix these problems. If you’ve experienced serious complications, or are unsatisfied with your breast enhancement surgery, rest easy. You have options.

The professionals at Chicagoland Aesthetics are accustomed to fixing other’s mistakes. We use top-of-the-line equipment and all the latest procedures. Our implants are all FDA approved. Not only that, we meet and consult with our patients before the surgery. This is because everyone is different. What might work for your body might not work for someone else. This attention to detail is what allows us to find, diagnose, and repair the problem.

Visit us on the web to learn more about how we work and the services we offer, then schedule an appointment.

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