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Treating Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment (PRP) is a new, innovative procedure that is taking the skin care and anti-aging industries by storm. Already used by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, patients across the country can now take advantage of a natural treatment to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

What is PRP? 

The process for PRP treatments is actually pretty simple. To begin, your cosmetic specialist will remove a small amount of blood from your arm. He or she will then centrifuge the blood in order to separate the platelets from the red blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into the desired areas.

How does PRP get rid of aging signs?

While most of us wish we didn’t have to age, the fact is that it is inevitably going to happen to all of us. However, that doesn’t mean it has to show on your face! Platelet-rich plasma treatments are a natural way to fill out fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Platelets contain growth factors that aid in wound healing and stimulate collagen. Results include:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fuller, tighter skin
  • More even skin tone
  • Prolonged duration of other fillers you may use
  • All-around healthier look

You will begin to notice results right after your first treatment, but for the most dramatic results several separate injections are recommended. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best PRP treatment plan for you.

What are the risks and side effects of PRP treatments?

Since PRP uses fluids from the patient’s own body, there are essentially no risks for allergic reaction or other side effects associated with synthetic facial fillers. Minor swelling and bruising may occur, but this is common and should subside within the first week.

Chicagoland Aesthetics Adds PRP Injections to its Practice

Sick of the over-the-counter anti-aging products that produce little to no results? Ready to try a new, exciting treatment to get back your youthful glow? All three of Chicagoland Aesthetics’ practices are proud to add Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments to our long list of cosmetic procedures to fulfill our mission of restoring confidence in our patients.

If you are interested in the procedure and want to learn more, contact us online or by calling one of our three Chicago-area locations today for a free initial consultation. Our board certified doctors can determine if you are a good candidate for PRP and discuss the best course of action.

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