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A Necklift in Chicago

Necklift ChicagoAs you age or after weight loss, your neck may begin to sag, often before other areas of your face and body. If you have loose neck muscles, you can experience bands around your neck or dramatic drooping. Getting a necklift in Naperville, Chicago, or Schaumburg, IL, can help smooth the skin and tighten it, giving you a toned and younger appearance. In many cases, the impact of this procedure will produce a dramatic change in your facial appearance, along with an improved overall look. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with a facelift or on its own.

Are you searching for a necklift near me? If so, you likely have a few questions about the procedure, what to expect, the cost and more. We understand and are here to put your mind at ease. Here you can learn more about the necklift and find out how to schedule an appointment. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve the look they desire through cosmetic treatments and can provide amazing results.

Who Can Benefit from a Necklift?

Anyone looking to eliminate loose muscles or sagging skin from the neck area can be a candidate for a necklift, as long as they are in good overall health and understand the potential outcomes of the surgery. Our surgeon will meet with you to discuss your goals and help you achieve the look you want.

A necklift is a surgical procedure. As a result, you need to fully understand what it is, how it is done and the recovery process. Once you have this information, you will be able to determine whether this is something you want to move forward with. We are also always available nearby to answer any questions you may have about this procedure.

The Necklift Procedure

The procedure for a necklift starts with a small incision placed inconspicuously under the chin. In some situations, an incision may need to be made near the crease of the ears. A necklift involves removing excess skin, as well as removing or altering the muscles in the neck. We may even use liposuction to remove any extra fat in the area. Upon completion, the incisions are stitched closed.

A necklift typically takes between two and three hours and can be performed with general or local anesthetic, along with sedation. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. In most cases, this procedure is done as an outpatient.

This means you will not have to remain in the hospital overnight as long as everything goes smoothly. The procedure is one we have done thousands of times, which means we will get you in and out as quickly as possible, while ensuring you achieve the desired results from the necklift procedure you undergo.

Your Recovery

Most patients who undergo a necklift experience bruising and swelling. This can last up to ten days. We recommend you keep your head as still as possible and avoid twisting or turning within the first couple of days. Apply cold compresses and keep your head elevated for at least 48 hours after your surgery to help reduce swelling. We can also prescribe medication to relieve any discomfort.

Any stitches will be removed after a week. Most patients who undergo this procedure in Naperville, Chicago, or Schaumburg, IL, can resume their work and other activities within two weeks once swelling and bruising goes away. However, strenuous activities, including exercise, should wait for four to six weeks.

The Results

When you have wrinkles, sagging skin, or a double chin, you can look much older. We can remove unwanted pockets of fat from the neck and chin, eliminate drooping muscles, and tighten loose muscles and skin so you can look younger again. We can combine your necklift with facial liposuction or a facelift to further create a younger appearance.

We have found most of our patients are pleased with the end result. Your necklift can last up to ten years, helping you look younger than you would have without the procedure.

Potential Risks and Complications

Like any other surgery, a necklift in Chicago, Naperville, or Schaumburg, IL, comes with risks and potential complications. Some of these issues can include tightness, a burning or tingling sensation, or dry skin. You could also experience facial nerve damage that may result in paralysis of certain muscles.

These complications rarely occur, but it’s important to understand the risks to ensure you choose the right surgeon.

To learn more about our Necklift procedures, please call us today to schedule an appointment.In addition to evaluating your health, we can answer any questions or address concerns you have about the procedure. We can also help you better understand the results we can achieve with the surgery. We are proud to serve patients close to the Chicago, Naperville and Schaumburg, IL, areas and hope you come to see us with your necklift needs.

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