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How NeoGraft Works

The No Staples, No Linear Scar Hair Transplant- How NeoGraft Differs from Traditional Transplant Techniques

When individuals go through traditional hair restoration procedures, strips of the scalp that do grow hair are removed from the sides and back of the head and transplanted into the areas that have gone bold. The areas where skin was removed are stapled or sutured back together, which can leave a permanent scar that is noticeable on the back of your scalp. It can also create a tight feeling in the scalp and can even cause numbness.

As a result, there are some people who want to avoid this procedure at all costs. After all, this requires a lot of healing and recovery time. If you are searching for a better hair restoration option near me, that isn’t as invasive, consider our NeoGraft procedure. Here you can learn more about what it is and how it may benefit you and your hair loss issues.

Traditional Scar MethodNeoGraft Method
Traditional Scar MethodNeograft

What Is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft uses a different method of follicular extraction called FUE, or follicular unit extraction. This procedure transplants individual hair follicles into the targeted areas, rather than removing large portions of the scalp. Each of the units contains as many as four hairs and is extracted individually. This procedure requires only requires local anesthetic. You can resume your normal hair are routine in just a week. The results can typically be seen within three months and there are no scars, stitches or staples to worry about.
NeoGraft gives patients all the advantages. This procedure requires the same amount of time as a traditional transplant, which is often less than manual FUE transplants. It is a minimally invasive technique, which means the risks of bleeding, scarring and nerve and blood vessel damage are minimized greatly.

How Is the NeoGraft Procedure Done?

The device used for the NeoGraft gently rotates in a cylindrical shape to remove the graft. Pneumatic pressure is then used to smoothly remove the hair follicles to prevent the doctor from touching the follicles with the forceps during harvesting to eliminate damage caused by twisting and pulling, which makes the follicles healthier for transplant. NeoGraft also allows the surgeon to better control the speed of the extraction and replacement to reduce the pressure placed on the surgeon so they can be more successful in the implant process. Because every graft is uniform, every placement can be more precise and even to avoid the negative effects often seen in manual FUE processes.
Once the hair follicle grafts are extracted, they are kept in a canister where they are lightly misted with a sterile saline solution to keep them moist until the doctor is ready to perform the implant process. The implant site is prepped to meet the specific requirements of the procedure and the grafts are then inserted to an accurately measured depth. This creates a smooth surface and prevents the occurrence of exposed or ingrown hair follicles.

Advantages of NeoGraft

NeoGraft AdvantagesDoctors who are trained to use the NeoGraft machine can provide the solutions individuals are looking for. Some of the advantages of this procedure include:
  • A less invasive method of hair transplants
  • A faster recovery
  • No linear scars
  • No need for sutures
  • Reduced risk of complications, such as bleeding, nerve and blood vessel damage or scarring
  • Fewer limitations after surgery
  • The ability to transplant at about twice the number of follicles as other options
After the NeoGraft procedure, patients will experience a full head of hair that looks more natural. You can even choose a shorter hairstyle without having to worry about the appearance of scars.

If you struggle with hair loss, you may feel as though the options you have nearby are limited. However, this isn’t the case. We can provide you with the NeoGraft treatment near me at an affordable price. If you want a full head of beautiful, thick hair, contact us about this procedure. The results we can help you achieve are likely going to surprise you.

What our patients are saying:

B.A. – Hinsdale, IL 1/29/14 I have been researching any and all remedies for male hair loss and could not find a comfort level with the common solutions: Bosley, Hair Loss Specialists, Hair Club for Men or the creams, pills, foams, specialty combs promising to regrow hair. After 9 years of research, I stumbled upon an infomercial suggesting NeoGraft as a noninvasive technique to relocate hair follicles from the side of your head (referred to as your donor area) to the areas of need (for me the back and front of my head). I was so excited to learn about a technique not requiring surgery or a wig. When I searched the internet for nearby facilities offering NeoGraft, I found Chicagoland Aesthetics and Dr. Garg. In addition to being excited by NeoGraft, I found Dr. Garg to be more interested in my expectations and explaining the exact details involving the procedure than the doctors at Bosley or Hair Club for Men. The procedure included a local anesthetic and hours of relocating hair follicles involving Dr. Garg and a small team of technicians. I walked out of the office with a short haircut and a smile on my face. The recovery involved changing my bandages (2 days), some Tylenol and small red dots that healed and disappeared within 8 days. After my recovery, Dr. Garg continued to see me to monitor my progress. It has been 12 months since my procedure and I can truly say with much joy and relief that Dr.Garg has helped me achieve the younger look I was seeking without any evidence of the NeoGraft procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Garg and Chicagoland Aesthetics because of the personal connection I felt during the initial consultation, the procedure and follow-up appointments.

Neograft Schaumburg, Naperville, Chicago

The result of NeoGraft is a natural-looking head of hair. If desired, you can even choose to wear it in a very short style without having to worry about concealing an obvious, tell-tale scar.

You don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of losing your hair or have a receding hair line anymore. You also don’t have to undergo the invasive procedure that were available in the past. While the NeoGraft procedure is going to require some recovery time, it is not nearly as long as other methods that have been used for this common issue.

Believe it or not, we treat both men and women who are struggling with hair loss and who are searching for a viable treatment option close to Naperville, Chicago or Schaumburg, IL. We have a solution that will exceed your expectations, without the pain, stress and hassle of methods used in the past.

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